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Why you need an Xbox one

December 2013 saw the launch of the Xbox One, with shops seeing queues forming hours before shops opened and manic scenes as shoppers rushed to grab their console before anyone else. But what’s all the fuss about? Is it that impressive? and is it really worth such crazed scenes? Well, in a word, yes, and in this guide we’ll explain why. And what's more important - is this game still playable in 2020?

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The run up to the most popular Xbox of all time

As part of their pre launch campaign Microsoft debuted its Xbox one at the E3 show; however it was rather a damp squib (to say the least). The console forced its user to have a continuous internet connection and a Kinect camera that was not even optional. Unsurprisingly the PlayStation 4 was tipped as the console of choice.

However 6 months down the road and we see a very different Xbox to that that was previously displayed at the E3 show. In short, it has been a runaway success. It has been described as not merely a powerful gaming experience, but moreover it’s moved into the home entertainment industry with style and ease.

The Xbox: The choice for games (and non gamers too)

Microsoft had the aim of turning the Xbox into a home’s only device that it’s TV needed, and it has done this so successfully that critics are saying that it should be purchased by people that might not even use it as a games console! Pretty impressive stuff right? It allows for a cable set top box to run through it and be controlled via Kinect, a picture in picture view that you can control with your voice and integrates TV use and gaming interfaces seamlessly.

What is the difference between all Xboxes?

Xbox One S is different from Xbox One as the first one support 4K content and streaming while the second one doesn't. The Xbox One X is the latest version - it is the most powerful one and guarantees hassle-free game experience. The storage is also quite big - 1TB!

Number one gaming experience

In terms of gaming experience the Xbox One does not disappoint. It features sophisticated artificial intelligence that adapts to you as a player and a more than impressive face recognition software for signing into Xbox live.

In terms of games, Microsoft has landed some pretty impressive titles to showcase their seriously cool graphics rendering. Titles such as: Fifa, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Forza Horizon and NBA to name but a few.

Within a meagre 24 hours of its launch the Xbox One had sold over one million copies and has meant that the Xbox One has taken its spot in Xbox history as the fastest selling Microsoft console ever. With figures such as these the console has a lot to live up for, and as you can guess from this review, the Xbox One does not disappoint. It goes one step beyond being simply a console and moves to an effective all round entertainment system.

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