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A buyer’s guide to van insurance

One of the biggest expenses that consumers and business owners face is very often car or van insurance. If you’re looking for a new policy then you’ll want a few tips on saving as much as possible. So this guide talks you through the process of purchasing van insurance and discusses the things that you should be thinking about.

How to get a cheaper deal on van insurance

Starting with price comparison websites

Your first task in the search for cheaper van insurance should be using price comparison websites. Here you’ll be able to enter your details and get a detailed overview from hundreds of van insurance providers as to how much you’ll be paying.

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You should however take care to check the full details on the van insurance provider’s website directly. Here you will find all the small print that can make a big difference if you have a crash and haven’t checked the fine print correctly.

Running quotes for all levels of insurance

Many consumers think that the lower the level of insurance the cheaper the premiums will be. However very often this isn’t the case. Particularly with new vehicles, choosing a low level of cover (for example, third party, fire and theft) is very often seen as more risky behaviour than protecting the vehicle completely. For this reason you should run quotes at all levels.

Why is van insurance so expensive?

The make and model of your van have the biggest impact on your policy price. Larger vans, powerful engines also affect your premium. The type of job they are used for makes a difference as well - if for a courier job expect a higher premium than a handyman.

Calling providers directly

With the popularity of comparison engines very often consumers overlook the providers that don’t feature on them. In order to get a full idea of what is on offer you should contact van insurance companies directly by phone.

Choosing between buying annually or paying monthly

Whilst not possible for everyone, paying for your premium all in one payment is the best choice for those to drive down the cost of their van insurance as much as possible. This is because monthly premiums see you effectively ‘borrowing’ the money and paying it back over 11 months.

Other factors to consider when choosing van insurance

Protecting your no claims bonus

If you’ve racked up a few years of no claims bonuses then you should seriously consider protecting them. This means that even if you have a crash, your no claims is covered. Whilst such policies will be slightly more expensive you need to consider how much more expensive your future policies will be should you have a crash or scrape.

Timing your insurance policy with your MOT and tax

Although not always possible you should try to consider when you pay for your car tax and MOT. Ideally you want to stagger these payments throughout the year so you’re not facing MOT bills, tax and an insurance deposit payment all at once.

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