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Buyer's Guide: How to tap into the best tap offers

Taps, although small by shape, have a key function in the kitchen and bathroom alike. We use them every day throughout the day so they must be seamless in operation, easy to use, and not least, pleasing to the eye. With their intensive use in mind, it might be worth spending more once than buying cheaper solutions once every couple of years.

For this very reason, the word that goes among experts is that if you are to save, then seek for savings elsewhere but in taps.

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Avoid the 'dribble' effect

To ensure excellent function, you have to first mind compatibility. Knowing the type of your water system will predict your choice of a tap. If low pressure, then it is better to choose the traditional type of taps or else you are likely to become accustomed to the "dribble" effect.

The reason you should avoid modern-day taps is that they generally use the "ceramic disc" technology which entails the slowing of water on ceramic disc level. A high pressure system, for its part, broadens the scope of opportunities to almost the entire range.

Concerted look matters

The compatibility issue resolved, you can proceed to selecting the type of taps. If your bathroom or kitchen has been extravagant in style, then a traditional tap will hardly do. Seek for unison between the shape of your taps to those around. Whether it be elongated or square or yet oval, make sure it is present throughout. If the style is minimalist, then look for a tap that has the slender, close to invisible lines.

Pillar or mixer taps?

Pillar taps are a tradition in Britain so this is why they are still widely used everywhere - you have two separate faucets - one for cold and one for hot water. Mixer taps can have one or two levers - depends on the design you choose. Pillar taps are recommended for areas with low water pressure while in order to go for mixer taps, you have to ensure that you have high water pressure. If you decide to change your tap from pillar to mixer you will most likely have to change the basin as well.

Know the range

Also decide whether you want a single or yet double handle taps. The single handle option helps you control with a single hand both water flow and temperature. The double handle, in turn, seems to be more ergonomic in that either hand can reach the respective handle by being extended forward, its most natural and intuitive movement. Thinking of taps' shape, you can further choose among the lever, screw down or yet cross tapware.

With Taps4less you can sort the taps by category and view them all along with their price tags. Delivery is free! Screwfix, for their part, help you make your choice by seeing peer ratings and reviews. They also guarantee that taps will be at your door the very next day.

With Tap Outlet you will see the range and prices, VAT inclusive. You also have the compare functionality which aids you to make a final selection out of a shortlist of cross-checked options.

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