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Why the PlayStation 4 is the console of the century

It may come as a surprise to many that it’s been a staggering seven years since the launch of the PlayStation 4’s predecessor, the PlayStation 3; however, as we’ll explain in this guide, the PlayStation 4 has been well worth the wait, in fact, critics are describing it as the console of the century. Now seven years on Playstation 4 still doesn't have even a close match in 2020.

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The PlayStation 4 – The extremely cool big brother of the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 4 is the result of painstaking research on what made the PlayStation 3 not quite perfect. From the minor details to the major consumer bug bears, the Play Station 4 builds and builds upon what its predecessor had to offer. A couple of examples of which are the Dualshock 4 controller (which is considered as the most sophisticated controller that Sony has ever produced) and the launch price tag, which is far more user friendly than the price range of the PlayStation 3 at launch.

The aesthetic design of the console itself has been hailed a masterpiece, it is sleeker and more slim line than its competitor console counterparts.

PS4 Titles

Madden 25
Need for Speed: Rivals
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Fifa 14
LEGO Marvel Super Heros
Additionally the PlayStation online gaming feature is, and always has been, a firm favourite with gamers across the world. It benefits from free access, allowing users to enjoy all the console has to offer.

The most talked about feature may well be the PS Vita, remote play and second screen; and the option for gamers to remotely play PS4 titles on the hand console ‘Vita’ does not disappoint. The remote play operates on wireless LAN; however games such as Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed 4 offer Vita experiences like no other. Notably this remote play incorporates Sony’s first few ventures into gaming manufacture, with their first lead titles being Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack.

The Vita’s second screen functionality for the PlayStation 4 allows interaction between hand held and full console like never before and the newly released PlayStation App only serves to further Sony’s innovation. This app is allowing users to send and receive game related messages, manage friend lists and also serves as a rather addictive tracking of player performance.

The list of titles that the PlayStation 4 has on offer should be enough to tempt even the most dedicated Xbox fan. Titles such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, Resogun and Knack all serve to make the most out the PlayStation 4’s immense high resolution capabilities.

The PlayStation 4 has truly made an indelible impact upon the gaming world, and rightly so. Its graphics, connectivity features and focus upon gaming experience rather than home entertainment all arguably make the PlayStation 4 the console of the century. Whilst it remains relatively new to the market, it is unsurprising that critics are already tipping it for market domination.

What else can you do on PS4?

- Watch Blu-Ray DVDs.

- You can play games from previous versions of Playstation

- If you need more storage for games or other stuff - you can always expand it

- You can play online with a friend

- Play games without buying them - you can rent or try for free

What more to expect?

The Playstation 5 is said to come out in late 2020! It comes out to replace the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Rumours are that the release date will be in time to buy it as a Christmas present. Only a few game titles are confirmed so far but the biigest names are definitely in!

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