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What makes Pandora charms so special

Pandora is a world renowned name for beautiful jewellery; they are famed for their bracelet charms which are purchased frequently as a piece of jewellery that can perfectly reflect its owner’spersonality and interests. In this review we look at the Pandora Company, and explain why their charms are so special.

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The history of Pandora

Pandora hand make all of their items, and pride themselves in quality gold that will last a lifetime. The company has grown at an amazing rate since its conception in 1982, and now serves in over 70 countries, in 6 continents. Such a growth rate is only possible when a company offers a product that people simply can’t resist, and their range of charms illustrate perfectly their offerings.

The range of Pandora Charms

Pandora charms come in all shapes, sizes and designs; in fact, their range is so extensive, that they now produce over 600 separate charm designs. Each and every charm is made from 14 karat gold, and purchasers can chose from either white gold or yellow gold.

Customers have the choice of various Pandora chains, to which they can attach their charms. The whole premise of the charm idea is that an owner collects them over a period of time. For those that own such a bracelet they will frequently be given a Pandora charm for Birthdays, Christmas’ and other special occasions.

Special Pandora Charms

There are some charms that are rarer (and inevitably more expensive) than other charms. Here are a few that are extra special:

Denmark Cathedral Charm

This charm was a limited edition version, of which only 3,500 were made. Because of their rarity, they are difficult to find, and fetch considerable prices.

‘PAN’ engraved Perfume bottle

This example is somewhat of an urban legend. Some state that this perfume bottle charm is engraved with ‘PAN’ rather than the usual ‘O’ that shows the charm to be genuine. Whilst there have been some Pandora staff that state they do exist, others vehemently deny it. There are pictures on the internet of this supposed charm, so it’s unclear whether it does indeed exist or not.

Royal True Love Charm

This charm is similar to the standard heart charm, except that it has the wedding date ofPrince Joachim of Denmark to Marie Cavalier stamped onto it.

Pandora’s Life staff Charm

This rather unusual charm is meant to resemble a mixture of the various animals that reflect Pandora as a company. It features elements of a lion, a giraffe and a bee. These extremely rare charms were produced for Pandora staff only.

Pave Brilliant Heart Gold Charm

This is the most expensive Pandora charm on the market. It features real diamonds and its price starts from around £300.

Pandora is one of the most respected jewellery companies in the world; their beautiful ranges offer something for everyone.

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