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Motoring Expert

Stephen is our resident motoring head here at Discount Review and most of us are still trying to figure out whether this pint sized car fanatic could really be the new Stig. Son of a mechanic, Stephen has been around cars all his life and has been training for a long time to become a professional car mechanic just like his old man. Stephen has a very laid back writing style and no doubt you will enjoy reading his observations just as much as the product reviews.
Stephen Gallaher: [email protected]

Travel Expert

Working as a travel agent for the past 7 years for a major agency has provided David a firm foundation in which to objectively recommend destinations and holiday adventures. In the summer he spends a lot of time travelling around the world. From South America to Eastern Europe he has vast experience across many countries. We are proud to have someone with such experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for exploring new destinations working with us.
David Heath: [email protected]

Health Reviewer

Considering Ellen's degree in medicine, she has an all-round understanding of healthcare and medicine procedures. As our longest serving expert reviewer we thank her for the huge amount of time she puts into our website, not just by giving helpful advices, but also for the in-depth and quality of the reviews she writes.
Ellen Simpson: [email protected]

Technical Guru

Steven is the guy that always has those latest cool gadgets before anyone else, his passion for technology and computing inspires his flair for review writing. Keeping up with today's technology is a hard task with the ever changing face of television from HD to upcoming 3D and Apple's constant stream of "must have" essentials, Steven has no expense spared. His 5 year experience working for technology magazines and love of technology dating back to the Atari 5200 leaves none arguing his vast expertise in this field.
Steven Gibbs: [email protected]

Home & Garden Expert

Kate is a keen cook, having worked as a chef for many years in a top London restaurant she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. It is no surprise then that we have her on our team as our expert for home appliances. While her expertise lies mainly in the kitchen her knowledge also stretches to many other household products and even the garden.
Kate Messenger: [email protected]

DIY & Garden Reviewer

As well as running his own successful construction company, Frank is also a father of 5 and a dab hand around the house, most notably the garden. Frank spends his time digging, cutting and sculpting his and others gardens full-time, his part time position is helping our website with pitch perfect reviews of the latest equipment he uses. Frank has a vast array of tools at his disposal when knocking something up at home or for friends and family - whilst his knowledge is technical his reviews are great for both amateur and competent DIYers.
Frank Taylor: [email protected]

Games & Phone Tester

Having worked in the video game and toy industry for the last 15 years, John is the perfect all round tester for this category. Now only working part-time, a lot of his time is focused on his twin 4 year old boys - who of course have all the latest toys. The kids regularly get bored of playtime before John does! His qualifications include video games engineering and development and his knowledge of the toy industry is second to none. John reviews everything with a fine-tooth comb, so you know his opinions are not only fair but of a very high standard.
John Bedford: [email protected]


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