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Buyer's Guide: iPad Deals

Today there are so many different tablet devices to choose from, but that wasn’t the case a few years ago. Back in 2010, when the very first iPad was released, the iPad was seen as revolutionary as there was not a similar product on the market.

Latest trends tell us that laptops and desktop PC sales are on the decline, as more and more people choose to swap these devices for a tablet.

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Why choose an iPad?

This is a good question as it is now possible to pick up basic tablets for as little as £80. So why is it you should delve into your pocket in order to invest in an iPad? Well, there are many different versions of the iPad to choose from, all at different price ranges to meet most peoples budget. We will look at the latest models on the market in more detail, but it is possible to pick up older versions of the iPad for as little as £150.

iPad Air

The iPad Air is the latest 10.5 inch iPad available on the market. It comes with a 10.5 inch Retina Display which really is one of the best screens you will find out there. This screen makes everything look fabulous, whether it is for viewing your photos, playing games or watching a film, it doesn’t get any better than the iPad Air. The iPad Air also comes with the vibrant and beautiful IOS 12 and A12 Bionic chip, and is substantially thinner (onli 6.1 mm) and weights 456g. As with every product that Apple produces there is no comparison on the market when it comes to its stylish looks.

iPad Mini (With Retina Display)

The iPad Mini 2 is the 5th generation of the iPad Mini. It shares almost identical features to its bigger brother the iPad Air. The only difference to the iPad Air is the smaller 7.9 inch Retina Display it has. It is a much improved version of the Mini thanks to the Retina Display and much improved processor and A12 Bionic chip.

Is it worth the price?

This really is a question that only the buyer can truly answer. It is true that there are now some wonderful tablets available at a much lower price point than the iPad. Two of these are the Amazon Fire HD 10 7 (£179) and the Huawei Mediapad (£99). While the iPad Air comes in at a much higher price (£399) as does the iPad Mini 2 (£329) the two newest models really are in a class of their own when it comes to sheer performance, beauty and usability.

If you have the money and it is important for you to have the absolute best product on the market, then the iPad is the only way to go. If you are on a tight budget then maybe look at one of the other fantastic alternatives on the market, or maybe purchase an older version of the iPad if you need to satisfy your Apple cravings.

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