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The GoPro hero camera – The camera of choice for the action lover

GoPro is a brand that is infamous in the action sport world, for over a decade GoPro have documented with skill the action adventures of people around the world, and they have done it with style. In this review we look at GoPro’s latest offering, the Go Pro Hero 8.

Have the ultimate experience, get the Go Pro Hero 8.

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The Go Pro Hero 8 builds on previous models success (and there sure has been some success in the GoPro range, as it has proven to be the number one action camera of choice). The Go Pro Hero 8 obviously adds to previuous models, offering a few additional features that make quite a noticeably difference.

The Go Pro Hero 8 offers superb shooting stabilization Hypersmooth 2.0, and can capture across multiple resolutions. Impressive right? Well all of this is for just £30 more than the price of Go Pro Hero 7. On the face of it, the camera looks remarkably similar to the previous model with touch dispay on the back. Additionally it features shortcut buttons that are oh so easy to handle through whatever gloves you may be wearing for your chosen sport.

As for the technical performance, well, where do we start? For a kick off it offers a wide variety of shooting modes ; as with any camera the higher the resolution you shoot in the lower the frame rate. All in all the GoPro Hero 8 really is the action lover’s camera of choice.

Other models in the GoPro range

Generally speaking GoPro produce a wide variety of cameras, and even the most basic offers a pretty amazing spec. The latest standard offerings are the Go Pro 8 Black and the Go Pro Hero 7 black; the former of which range from £320 and the latter of which from £350.

Each have near identical designs, but differ in terms of the shooting performance. Go Pro 8 Black has 4K 60/2.7K; 100mps maximum video resolution and the Go Pro Hero 7 Black ahs 4K 60/78mps. Both of them are waterproof.

If you’re an action sport lover of any variety then the Go Pro range is most certainly for you, in fact if you don’t own one already, then where have you been? The Go Pro Hero 8 offers the ultimate in action shooting experience, but the rest of the range fairs pretty well to!

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