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All you need to know about gaming laptops

Ever since the days of Theme Park back in the early 90's I have been an avid PC gamer and have witnessed the evolution of PC gaming and hardware first hand over the last decade. Once a upon a time all you needed to run the latest games was a floppy drive, 15 megabytes of space and 8 megabytes of RAM. Today's latest games have a recommended spec list as long as your arm so if you want to play the latest PC games in its full glory you are going to need a machine capable of generating entire worlds without a flicker or loss of frame rate.

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Most modern laptops are as powerful as their desktop counterparts but must still lack 3D power to allow you to play any modern games past Normal graphics setting. Gaming laptops are certainly not cheap but Dell did not buy Alienware because they looked cool, gaming laptops are big business and serious gamers will not mind shelling out up to £2,000 to play their favourite games in their most detailed settings.

Hardware & Spec

To play the latest games gaming laptops have to pack a lot of power in a small amount of space so what exactly are the specs for laptops at this price?

ModelScreenProcessorRAMHarddriveGraphics Card
MSI15.4Core i7 2,8GHz4GB640GBGeForce 512Mb
Alienware15.4Core i7 2,8GHz4GB500GBGeForce 758MB
Toshiba18.4Core i7 3,0GHz8GB704GBGeForce 1Gb

The MSI when looking at the specs above starts to look pretty good at £1,350. You would imagine with the extra buying power from Dell would make Alienware more competitive in this market but this particular model is nearly £300 more expensive then the MSI but features a smaller hard drive and only marginally better graphics card. The Toshiba costs a whopping £1,896.84 but the for extra money you get a faster processor, double the amount of RAM, larger hard drive as well as a powerful GeForce 1Gb graphics card which makes this one of the most powerful laptops on the market today. Each laptop comes preloaded with the latest Windows 8 operating system, inbuilt webcam and in the case of the MSI you get a get your very own gaming bag and mouse free with every purchase.


Gaming laptops are very expensive but they are truly powerful machines capable of taking on the best that the desktop has to offer. I am afraid we will have to discount the Alienware M15X from the best buy awards as it simply has not lived up to its reputation with this model and is clearly outshined by the cheaper MSI model. We know that the Toshiba is the more powerful machine but is it £500 more powerful than the MSI? For me a good gaming laptop has to have a big screen. You don't play your Playstation 3 on your kitchen telly, no you play it on the big living room screen where you can enjoy it that much more. For that reason I would gladly pay an extra £500 for the extra power and screen real estate which makes the Toshiba our ultimate best buy for gaming laptops.

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