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Computer desks

In today’s life, computers and laptops are at everybody’s home. So, you will find it essential to specialize a working space for them to be an integral part of your home. Unlike tablets and mobile phones that are used comfortably while you are sitting on a sofa, a computer or a laptop requires a specific desk to ensure more comfort, efficiency and productivity. Because most people are turning to work from home, the demand for computed desks is rising. So, you will find a variety of shapes, sizes and styles that support all specific needs.

In this topic, we will focus on basic styles of computer desks that are used in specific areas and for specific needs, we will differentiate between these desks in terms of their materials, and we will talk about the benefits you will get after having a computer desk.

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Styles of computer desks

The wide range of shapes and styles of computer desks could make anyone confused. But if you get closer to these styles, you will find all of them center on six main types.

Floating desks

Floating desks are one of the latest introduction to computer desk industry. They provide you with a wide range of benefits, they save a lot of space because they are directly mounted to the wall without occupying any space on the ground, they are also a very stylish option for your working-from-home environment, and they could be cleaned so easily. Models of floating desks are variable, you can have aMinimal floating desk with curved end, wall-mounted floating desk, or compact fold-away floating desk.

Prices of floating desks range from £168 to £293 for the normal size. But you may find bigger options that may exceed a £1000.

Corner desks

Working from the corner of your living room is a wise decision that will make use of this area and will provide a separate working atmosphere that will help you to focus. Corner desks are perfectly customized to fit this area and they are provided in different sizes to find the right one for your available corner space. Corner desks supports your arms while using the mouse and allow you to organize everything on the table and pick whatever you want without moving from your chair.

Prices of corner desks ranges from £153 to £415 according to the material of the desk and the provided details.

Modular desks

Modular desks are usually used in companies because they are tailored to be suitable for the place where they will be used. However, you can also use these desks at your home. It could be tailored to look like an L-shaped desk or a U-shaped desk. A modular desk is also customized in a way that considers how many chairs will be used with it. Because these desks are based on the idea of tailoring, expect to have a wide range of options online and on physical stores.

You can find options of these desks that are sold for only £70, while normally priced options cost about £300 on average. However, there are luxurious designs that cost more than £2000.

L-shaped desks

L-shaped desks come with two sides that are connected together to look like the L alphabet. Most of these desks are used as corner desks to save home space and improve your work environment. They are also designed with shelves in order to ensure a greater working space on the surface of the desk. So, you will organize your books and files on a close place that doesn’t obstruct your work.

Simple designs of these desks are sold for a price that ranges from £255 to £1380, but there are creative designs that could reach up to £7300.

U-shaped desks

If you are looking for a larger working space, you will not find better than a U-shaped desk. It wraps around you in both the right and the left direction. So, you will have a working space in front of you and in both sides. The working area that is provided by U-shaped desks is absolutely enough for any load of work. Some of these desks come with flat surface while some others are supported by an overhead hutch.

A U-shaped desks is not a popular option in the market. However, you can buy it at an affordable price. It costs about £500 on average.

Rectangular desks

Rectangular desks are customized for those who like to have plenty of space to move. A rectangular desk is also flexible as it could be moved and settled easily at any place you want. It may not provide you with a large working space. But if your working load is normal, rectangular desks will be sufficient.

Prices of these desks range from £149 to £266 for the simplest options and £306 to £782 for those with more features.

Which materials are best for computer desks?

Determining the best material for your computer desk has a direct relation with what you will actually use this computer desk for. These desks usually come with shelves and you are expected to use these shelves to carry objects that will be used for your work. So determining the load that will be on the computer desk will help to determine the right manufacturing material.


Wood is the best material to match with a classic home design. It can also add to the warmness of your home. Among all available computer desks in the market, the wooden options are considered the most common types. They are made from 3 main types of wood, mahogany, oak, and cherry wood. The durability of these desks depends on whether they are hardwoods or particle boards. Hardwoods are more durable but they are more expensive as well.


These desks are the most durable option you can have. However, there are less-durable models that are manufactured from light metal to be sold at lower prices. Steel and aluminum computer desks are the most common types. They add to the modern style of your home and help you with heavy duty work.


The aesthetic appearance is the main purpose for some people. Those usually prefer to have a glassy computer desks. Most of these desks can’t afford heavy duty while some others come with metal frames to support the work load. You can find these desks with different colors including black, tented, frosted, and clear color.If you decide to buy a glassy desk, those that are made from Perspex are the most recommended.

Advantages of computer desks

Benefits you will have after using a computer desk for your home working environment include the following:

• Pull-able drawers that are attached to computer desks help you to access other objects easily while you are sitting on your chair.

• When you feel the comfort of working on a computer desk, your working speed and efficiency will raise and this will help you to complete tasks before deadlines.

• Because these desks are customized for computers, you will find holes for wires and shelves for speakers which make everything organized.

• Because you spend a lot of time working from home, computer desks are designed in a healthy way for your sitting manner.

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