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Buyer's Review: Our Guide to Your Car Insurance Deal

Finding a good offer on car insurance is not very easy lately with the amount of providers coming up every day. That's why apart from the insurance companies themselves, you will see many comparison websites that will be very helpful in finding the right car insurance for you and your budget.

All you have to do is enter all your data into one single form and in return you will receive quotes from providers able to insure you.

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Key points for cheaper car insurance

If you want to pay less for your car insurance follow our 10 tips and we promise you that you will get lower priced quotes.

1. The first thing you need to do is get a quote from your existing car insurance provider if you have one. They will always try to keep you and may haggle for the price with you or add extras such as courtesy car, windscreen replacement, or to cover legal expenses for the same price. It's always better to stay with the same insurers as you build up history. It might be an idea also to apply as a new customer to your existing insurers as their prices for newbies are competitive by default.

2. Consider the amount of voluntary excess - how much you're willing to pay out of your pocket in case of an accident? If you're ready to pay £500 or more that will drop the price of your car insurance down. Claiming for smaller amounts will not only increase the cost of your next policies but also will remove a few years from your No Claim Bonus discount.

3. Pass Plus - this is for new drivers who struggle to find a good price on their car insurance. This is a course provided by the DSA to help new driver gain confidence on the road. You can pass this course only if have passed your driving test less than 12 months ago.

4. Fully comprehensive or third party? - We would advise you to go for the fully comprehensive insurance only if your car costs more than £1,500. Third party only can be extended to third party, fire and theft if you prefer to be insured against such risks.

5. Parking - find space to park your car securely overnight. Best option is -- locked in a garage, but as we know it's not always possible so even a driveway will do the job. With this you can count on 5% lower insurance costs.

6. Area - The price of your car insurance highly depends on the area you are living in, especially if you opt for comprehensive or third party, fire & theft policies.

7. No claims discount - build up or protect your No claims discount as many companies will reduce significantly their quotes if you prove to have such for 5 or more years.

8. Named drivers - if you are insuring more than one driver, make sure that the first driver is the one with most experience and good history. This way the cost will be lower as a whole for any other named drivers in the policy.

9. Mileage - insurers are interested where you go with your car. If you use it mainly for shopping and other social needs then you'll get reduction in the quote. But if you use it daily for going to work or actually working with your car then the cost will go up.

10. Pay monthly - if you can afford pay the total amount for your insurance at once as usually there is interest applied to your premium when having monthly payments.

Where to search for car insurance?

There are many comparison sites that will offer you a good deal and they make it very easy to compare the benefits from each policy. They are great time and money savers because with just one form you apply to thousands of car insurers. We recommend you to have a look at GoCompare, Confused and BeWiser.

Companies like Direct Line have been offering direct insurance for 25 years and still continue to offer a good deal. Their reduced costs mean they can usually better the competition whilst safe in the knowledge that you're insurer is highly reputable. They also offer discounts on their other insurance products if you take them out with Direct Line along with your car insurance so you could end up with quite a saving if you have other insurance commitments.

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