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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Blinds: What To Look For?

If you've decided that the subtle, clean and modern look the blinds give to the interior of any room is your next step in decorating, then read through our guide for a competent and comprehensive advice.

Reasons to choose blinds over curtains

1. There is much greater selection of styles, designs and materials. The different room's designs would require different types so blinds are a much more applied option.

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2. Better light control - it's much easier to control the amount of light in the room with blinds rather than curtains.

3. Maintenance - the blinds are much easier to clean and maintain than curtain.

4. Cost - They come out more cost effective in the long term as they are quite durable.


Roller blinds - they are fabric blinds which roll up or down depending on your wish and come in a variety of colours and designs. If you want blackout blinds - this is possible with a high density opaque fabric.

Venetian blinds - they are horizontal slats which can be turned into different directions in order to change the light.

Roman blinds - they form pleats when they are up and are flat when down. They could be made from fabric or bamboo wood.

Vertical blinds - they are formed from vertical slats from different materials.

Tips to follow when buying blinds

1. Styles - think about the match between the existing interior and the blind itself.

2. Compare prices between similar products from different providers.

3. Compare also the quality.

4. Take the correct measurements from your windows for the perfect fit.

Measuring your window

That's one of the most important things you have to do when you've decided that you're buying blinds. If you want the blinds to fit in the window recess you need to take the inside measures. Measure the height and the width up to the edges of the recess in several places to check if there are any differences.

If you want the blind to hang outside the recess - decide how much you want this to be -- 45 mm is the recommended measure.

Ready made or made to measure blinds

Once you have your measures you can order ready made blinds at lower price or order bespoke blinds rom specialized providers. They will be happy to make them for you. If you've already got your blinds and they can be cut - you can do it yourself.

Where to buy blinds?

The cheapest market for blinds is online. We recommend you to have a look at the websites 247blinds, Blinds to Go or Hillarys. They offer a great range and free samples which you can compare and following our guide - find the perfect match to your windows.

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