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Detailed Buyer's Guide To Adjustable Beds: What To Look For?

Getting a good night's rest is extremely important to everyone's daily health and daily work performance. However, being comfortable in your own bed may pose a bit of a challenge if you are finding that you cannot relax in the position you wish to relax in. Luckily bedding companies have found a solution for a person's issues with uncomfortable rest.

This solution comes in the form of adjustable beds to suit the comfort seeking person looking for a way to a get much-needed full night of rest. However, shoppers must beware of revolutionising sleep assisting products claiming to be of great assistance when they might not be of so much help after all.

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1. Twin adjustable bed - this is a twin bed which splits into two single ones and each bed has its own controls for the different positions to suit individual preferences.

2. Height adjustable bed - this type of bed is recommended for wheelchair or reduced mobility users for an easier transition out and in the bed.

3. Heavy Duty - for more specific needs, tailored for users with low mobility.


Two-motor system - there are lifting and lowering motors attached to the top and bottom ends of the bed. They can be adjusted independently. This is the most common type of adjustable beds and is used by the majority of people.

Four-motor system - this type of adjustable beds gives the benefit of adjusting the thighs and the leg and feet in different position. The bed could also be raised or lowered.

Power lifter - this type is equipped with a scissor lift.

Buying advice

When you choose your adjustable bed think of what exactly you want use it for. Start with:

Mattresses - the mattress is probably as important as the type of adjustable bed you want. It has to be a special one for use with adjustable beds only. Such mattresses are the memory foam, reflex foam and some pocket sprung mattresses.

Mechanism - choose from one of the mechanisms listed above. This will depend on the features you would expect from your adjustable bed.

Size - single, double or twin. Choose depending on your needs.

Control - adjustable beds can be controoled by a remoted connected by cable with the bed or by wireless remote, that can be kept wherever it is suitable to use it.

Prices - Have in mind that the more positions and functions make the price higher. The prices of a good quality adjustable bed start from £900.

Warranty - look for the longest warranty possible as adjustable beds are quite expensive.

Try before you buy - check if the bed you chose is good for you and suitable for your needs.


We recommend you to have a look at BedWorld. They have really low prices and will be happy to show you around the different models available on their site.

LayBrook offer top quality mobility beds with a starting price at just £399. You also have 7 day money back guarantee with them.

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