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A Complete Consumer’s Guide to TV Package Deals

Digital TV Package deals can easily run into the thousands per year, however there are many ways that you can cut down this ongoing monthly cost considerably and you may not even have to change providers to do so. This guide takes you through the steps of doing just this as well as explaining how to choose from the many providers offering varying TV Package Deals.

Finding a new TV Package

Choosing a provider, choosing a package

Currently there are four main providers of TV package deals, with these being Virgin, BT, Talk Talk and Sky. Which of these is suitable for you will depend upon your subscription needs (such as whether you require access to Premiership football or particular sports events). Additionally however you may also have to consider coverage, particular for BT TV and Virgin as these two services run via cable, as opposed to satellite.

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As well as this you need to consider your usage. For example, do you require a large data allowance for your broadband? Are you a heavy user of the home phone, and if so, what times of the day do you use it most? These factors will help you identify exactly what package will be suitable for your needs.

Weighing up welcome packages

Every provider will have a different welcome package and the discounts and benefits you receive can differ drastically from provider to provider.

At the time of writing the offers by the four main providers were as follows:

- Sky: Entertainment TV + Broadband Superfast - 18 month contract @£39 per month

- Now Broadband: Brilliant Broadband + Entertainment - 12 month contract @ £18 per month. This is the cheapest package available at the moment as it even has anytime calls included with zero set up cost.

- EE: Unlimited Fibre Broadband + Apple TV 4K + Anytime Calls - 18 month contract @£44 per month

- Virgin: Big Bundle + Virgin TV Kids - 12 month contract @ £38 per month

From these Welcome Packages you may be tempted to opt for Now, however it’s vital that you weigh up the cost of the ongoing contract against the value of the welcome package.

Asking about set up fees

Some providers may additionally charge you a one off set up fee (which will almost certainly be the case if you require cabling manually installed on your street, although this is a lesser occurrence now that the previous ‘new to market’ companies have rolled out their services). You should then be sure to factor this into your costings.

Cutting down the cost of your current TV package

Cutting pounds off your TV Package bill is really rather simple: just phone up and tell them that you’re considering leaving. The TV, phone and broadband industry is an extremely competitive one and generally providers have a little Leigh way in relation to how much they can reduce a person’s bill. A key point to remember however is to track down the price of a similar package at the most competitive price prior to calling; this way you have a good idea of what price you should be aiming to pay.

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