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Guide to Buying shower enclosures

The function of bathrooms of keeping us clean and well groomed makes it an important part of our house. It is the combination of its size and our habits and taste which will navigate our choice for furniture. A small to mid-sized bathroom will certainly sway the odds toward a shower solution (if hesitant whether a bath or a shower would be better) as shower enclosures do occupy little space.

Having made this choice, in turn, opens up the space for many more choices. They come in various types of shapes and colours and can be equipped with a score of different types of showers, shower trays, handles, shelves and cubicles.

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Glass and what else

Enclosures can be made of various materials, among which glass, tiles, fibreglass, metal or yet can be cast acrylic. Glass, clear or dimmed, is probably the most popular solution since it is easy to maintain and, thus, sustains the feeling of cleanliness. For their part, the other materials, being more solid and not as transparent, can offer intimacy in a busy bathroom whose enclosure and sink are often used concurrently by two or more people. Big families might duly appreciate them. The frameless shower enclosures are quite good looking too so don't forget to look at them too.

Deciding on shape

Manufacturers have designed shapes which can suit both standard and non-standard corners which you have allotted for bathrooms. Decide whether you would like to have a cubicle or an enclosure which will fit in as a rectangle along any of your bathroom walls. Then consider on door opening mechanism. Would the door be a pivot one, or a bi-fold or would it be sliding sideways?


There are different ways to enter in a shower enclosure and make sure you choose the right one for the size of your bathroom so that you don't regret it later.

- Swinging doors - it can open inwards and outwards whichever is convenient

- Sliding doors - they are good for smaller bathrooms as you don't need space to open the door

- Accordion doors - they slide as well to the side and the have 2 or more glass panels.

Don't forget about walk in showers too which don't need any doors at all.

What accessories

Make sure that you buy accessories which will be in unison with the enclosure. It would be best if you chose a shower, a shower stand, shelves and a shower tray as a kit pre-compiled by a designer. If the shower enclosure is bright-coloured, then it would be best if your kit carried neutral colours.

Better Bathrooms has an extended offer of shower enclosures. They come in different sizes and are all at market-beating prices. Below each item, you will see the retail price compared against the price this website offers. The verity check, of course, rests with you.

First Bathrooms offers you the chance to unleash your imagination and assemble a shower enclosure suite out of the components on offer. If you doubt you can do the best for your bathroom, seek the help of a specialist.

Take a look at the shower enclosure packs at Plumbworld. Take a look at the cheap and premium-segment offerings which employ the full suite of shapes and mechanisms.

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