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Short Term Car Insurance

With prices for annual insurance premiums continuing to rise, short term packages aimed at covering drivers for a few weeks at a time are a great option for cutting costs.

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When can I use short term car insurance?

An important caveat to remember about short term car insurance is that you can't simply apply it to your primary car, even if you hardly ever use it. If you keep your car outside on the road, it needs to be insured, regardless of how frequently you actually turn on the ignition.

Short term car insurance is for people who perhaps borrow a car from a friend for a couple of weeks, either because their own vehicle is out of action or they are looking to test a new pair of wheels before they make a purchase outright.

It's also a good idea if you're learning to drive and need coverage for a couple of weeks so you can get in some extra practice with an accompanying adult to help prepare for your test.

What are my options?

As with annual insurance, age is the primary factor that could impact upon the amount you pay for your coverage. In fact, for short term deals it's probably more important, with many insurers only prepared to cover drivers of over a certain age (usually 21, but sometimes 19).

Short term insurance is generally defined as coverage that lasts between 1 and 28 days, so you need to weigh up what you need and for how long, as in some cases it may be benefiical to opt for a more permanent deal instead of a temporary one.

This is generally different from being added on someone else's insurance policy to drive their car, which - should you have a crash - could see their annual premium increase the following year.

Keep in mind that, as a daily rate, you are likely to be paying more for a short-term package than you would with an annual one. This is in part due to the expectation that you will be driving more often in a given day.

What is needed from you?

- Your details - name and address

- Driving licence number - this will show your history as a driver

- Details about the car that will be insured

- Date and time the cover will start and end

- Debit or credit card to pay it off

Which insurers offer short term packages?

Short term insurance cover is available both from general motor insurers and ones that specialise in temporary packages. It's worth looking at both when it comes to finding your deal, but in general going with a specialist tends to be cheaper and more hassle-free.

Below are a few of the companies we'd recommend getting in touch with for a quote.

Veygo Admiral

Terms between 1 hour and 30 days, which can be started instantly. Does not currently offer any insure for European breaks.

Insure Daily

More accommodating of those looking for European cover. Terms go up to 28 days, with a standard excess of £250.


Primarily aimed at learner drivers looking to practice. Terms go all the way up to 28 days. No European cover.


Between 1 hour and 28 days, with an optimal price of less than £8 per hour. Does not cover in Europe either.

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