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What You Need To Know On Memory Foam Mattresses

I've been shopping for a memory foam mattress and what I want most of all is a good deal. There isn't a great selection on amazon.com, however, the deals to be had are spectacular if you aren't picky about size or brand. The drawback to buying online, you can't lie down it, but if you have a mattress store nearby it might be worth the trip just to check it out if you need to be sure. Me, I'll be saving my petrol. I have been known to sleep soundly on a floor, so just having the memory foam will be a real treat. Memory foam mattresses don't need to be turned, and they are all dust mite and allergy resistant.

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Benefits of memory foam mattresses

- True to your body shape - the material of the mattress allows it to fit all around your contours and ensure that you will get a good night's sleep.

- Temperature-control support - the material used for memory foam mattresses is temperature sensitive and adjusts automatically to your body heat and weight.

- Pain relief comfort - the painful areas usually have higher temperature and the mattress adjusts to relieve the pain on these areas.

- Allergy friendly - the polyurethane foam used for the mattresses prevents the settlement of dust mites so less allergens.

- Motion transfer resistance - great for couples or more people sleeping in one bed. If your partner moves and turns around in their sleep a lot, you wouldn't feel as much with a memory foam mattress.

So I've done some research and I've narrowed it down to three great memory foam mattresses at a great price. Read on to see which one gets my "Best Buy Award".

Breasley Value Pac Visco King Size Mattress

The Breasley Value Pac Visco memory foam mattress is one of the least expensive solid memory foam mattresses you can buy. It is not a topper, it is a thick solid piece of Visco material which is like memory foam. It does not transfer motion, moulds to your body, and offers firm support. It is covered with a quilted layer for added protection from sweat and dirt. This is a whole memory foam mattress for what they often charge for a three inch topper. A superior deal in my opinion at just £175.79 for a king sized mattress.

Healthopaedic Memory 1000 Backcare 4'6" Double Mattress

The Healthopaedic Memory 1000 Backcare is little more expensive, but is actually a combination of springs and memory foam. The springs are completely encased in fabric and then there are two layers of memory foam and another layer of what they call reflex foam. Other spring and memory foam combo mattresses traditionally cost a lot more, so the Healthopaedic Memory 1000 Backcare at £249.00 is a bargain.

Hypnia Double Size Visco Memory Foam Mattress

The Hypnia Double Size Visco Memory Foam Mattress is on sale at the moment for just £159.99 and boasts a full ten inches of thick foam. This product comes with a cool soft cover, two memory foam pillows and a ten year guarantee from the manufacturer. Oh, and can you say FREE DELIVERY! Priceless! If you are focused on getting the most for your money this is fabulous deal. Like all memory foam mattresses it will pass the wine glass test, and support your back throughout the night.


So I've learned that Visco foam is just another term form memory foam and it is essentially polyurethane combined with chemicals to make it more viscous, dense, and elastic, which is why it moulds to your body. Interesting. I'll be glad to have the free cool cover that's going to come with my new Hypnia Double Size Visco Foam Mattress. With all the extras and being the least expensive, the Hypnia Double Size Visco Foam Mattress is my winner!

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