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Your Guide To Mattresses

Finding the perfect mattress might take you some time but a god night's sleep is well worth it. The most important thing you should be looking at when choosing your new mattress is comfort. It shouldn't be too hard, too soft or too flat.

Types of mattresses

Sprung mattresses -- this type of mattresses divide in two main groups -- open sprung and pocket sprung.

The open sprung ones are the most common used mattresses in the world. They come in different types of firmness -- soft, medium and firm.

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Pocket sprung mattresses are more luxurious and comfortable as the springs are fitted into small pockets and hence their name. They have better support for different body weights so they are perfect for double or bigger sizes of mattresses. This way comfort will be ensured for both partners.

Memory foam mattresses -- these mattresses are known to follow the shape of your body and remould once they are not under pressure anymore. They are good for your spine and posture and are a bit more expensive than the pocket sprung mattresses. The top layer is usually hypo-allergenic.

Latex mattresses -- they are perfect for people who suffer allergies. Very breathable structure and responsive to body's shape.

Tips for buying a new mattress

1. Brands -- don't compromise on the brand and quality as a good mattress could well last you more than 10 years and turn out a better investment.

2. Test -- do try out the mattress before you buy it. This is the best way to know if a certain mattress will be comfortable for you.

3. Base -- it would be good to match the mattress with the base so measure carefully if you're buying them separately.

4. Guarantee -- watch out for the guarantee terms. Check if removing some of the labels after you bought the mattress might invalidate the guarantee.

5. Features -- check the extras some mattresses might be supplied with such as handles -- this will make it easier when you need to flip it over or turn it. They might be supplied also with a removable cover or extra padding.

Looking after your mattress

After you've bought it's very important that you look after it responsibly if you want to keep its shape and quality for a longer period. There a few tips which you have to follow:

- Use mattress protector covers

- Turn the mattress regularly -- every 3 months.

- Leave the mattress in the morning to air itself for some time.

- Clean you mattress from time to time -- best thing is to vacuum it.

Top 5 things you should never do to your mattress

1. Stand or jump on your mattress - mattresses are built of many layers put on top of coil springs. Any standing or jumping on these layers will automatically damage them as the layers can get in between the coils and shorten your mattress' life.

2. Check if your mattress is double-sided before flipping it over and using it. Some mattresses are made for one side use only!

3. Don't leave your mattress without a mattress protector - protects your mattress from stains and damage so we see no reason for you to skip using it.

4. Bend or fold your mattress

5. Stain your mattress - most manufacturers reserve the right to void warranty if the mattress is stained so be aware of this.


We recommend you to visit Bedworld, MattressWorld, MattressNextDay and John Lewis for an extensive selection of quality and comfort mattresses.

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